Attribute sorting module

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prestashop sortowanie atrybutówThe module is used to sort attributes and attributes in alphabetical order and reverse to alphabetical.
The module is designed for Prestashop version 1.7.0.x – 1.7.6.x.

If you have a large number of attributes and / or features in your store, sorting them using the method becomes a torture, and with over 1000 items it is almost impossible. Our module comes with help.

If you often add new features or attributes, sorting them alphabetically will allow you to quickly find out what you’ve already entered.

The sorted list of attributes will also be visible to customers visiting the store, on the faceted filtration drop-down lists and on the product card.

The module can be ordered in alphabetical order (different) and reverse to alphabetical (descending). This is also a section on numbers!


Price list

License Type Price (tax excl.)
Without Multishop (for one domain) 23 Euro
With Multishop (for one instance) 33 Euro

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